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We proudly use Docs for our food plots.

C and S Whitetails is a small, top notch boutique outfitting business located near El Dorado Kansas. C and S Whitetails originated in 2006. Since the begging our main priority has been about our clients. We like to keep a stress free atmosphere so when you our here it feels more like a vacation with the rewards of hunting. There are over 19,000 acres of strict managed big buck property. We continuily feed our deer throughout the course of the year and maintain our food plots to make sure that are deer are plentiful and stay on our property.

Our staff spends 3/4 of the year preparing, scouting, and making strategical decisions on how to land our clients a monster C and S Kansas Whitetail. Our success is only measured by the success of our customers. C and S Whitetails staff is just as happy if not happier when a 145" deer or better hits the dirt. We take alot of satisfaction when a stand presents an shot opportunity it makes us feel just as much apart of the success.

Each and every Guide enjoys the outfitting business. Each guide was carefully selected do to there experience hunting and guiding whitetails. Each of the guides has a very nice trophy room do to there experience hunting trophy whitetails. To give you a little information about each guide there is a button on the left side of the screen called guides.

Chad Onek
Chad N. Onek owner of  C and S Whitetails built a small but top-notch company. He believes in old fashioned service with honest and personal attention to every detail of his clients hunting adventures. Chad grew up hunting and fishing and he is never behind the scenes but is involved with his clients from booking until closing. Chad believes what he has been doing so far, is working great for his clients and for his company. That is behind the reason why he plans on always keeping his business small in scale. Chad is as thrilled as his clients when A Big C and S Kansas Whitetial goes home with one of them!