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Chayne Onek, Grew up in Kansas the heart of monster buck territory. Chayne followed in his dad's footsteps learning the ways of a outdoorsman. To this day he finds himself hooked to everything that ventures towards hunting and fishing. From the first deer Chayne killed at the age of 12 to this day he spends every waking moment studying and making strategical plans on how to get a world class trophy on the ground not only for himself but his clients as well. In 2006 when his Dad Chad Onek and partner started up an outfitting business Chayne was fast to get involved. Chayne quickly had a passion for guiding due to being able make new friends and guide big bucks and turkeys all season rather than being done as soon as he tagged out. From August to December it would be no surprise to find him nestled on a lookout scoping out the fields or sitting in the stand with a client making sure that everything plans out. The adrenaline rush when a monster bucks comes walking through the woods with no idea that there is two hunters 20 feet above in a tree is something that is matched by nothing. There is not a more rewarding feeling to watch all the work that I spent all year come together for a hunter. When it's not hunting season Im working to make the next season better and counting down the days till it is here.