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scouting report

July 28

Ernie Velasco
Shreveport LA
Outdoor Hunters Expo Winner

Brenda and George Tsagaris
from Davie, FL
Lakeland FL.
Big Buck Expo Winners


All the shows that we have attended this year we were giving away a free turkey hunt with C and S Whitetails in a drawing. This year we have attended two shows in Lakeland FL, and Shreveport LA. The lucky winners of these two shows are listed above.

July 22



The C and S Whitetail crew (Chad Onek, Lowell Aberson, Jeff, Chayne Onek, and Josh Root) headed down to Shreveport Louisiana for the Outdoor Hunters Expo. The crew had a great time meeting new people. We look forward to seeing the new clients from Shreveport. LA over the next couple of seasons.

July 13



Ralph Kelsey and Charlie Kelsey are at the lakeland Florida 2012 Southern Trophy Hunters Big Buck Expo.



The third week of June we took a plane ride around the property to get a visual of the new leases for the year and to get arial photos of the property. We take every step of prepartion very seriously as a Kansas Outfitter. To Kill a Trophy Whitetail it takes more than just having the monster bucks you have to out smart them. Getting a birds eye view of the property at a early start lets us see pinch points or bottle necks, possible bedding areas, travel coridors, food plot placements, not to mention it give us a good visual layout of what the property looks like and how we could use it to our advantage.